BrainCo Train Your Brain

  • FocusCalm

    An advanced EEG wearable that helps users train their brain for better focus and a calmer mind.

  • NeuroMaker

    Powerful STEM education activities that engage students in neuroscience, biotech, robotics, programming and more.

  • BrainRobotics

    Our latest prosthetic hand leverages advanced BMI (brain/machine interfaces) technology to deliver more capability, usability, and affordability than any prosthetic available today.

The BrainCo Family of Brands

NeuroMaker Logo

Biotech and neuroscience STEM solutions for middle schools, high schools and beyond


EEG wearable and neurofeedback solution for athletes, wellness seekers and stressed employees

The next generation of upper limb prosthetics.

Developing Brain-Machine Interface Technologies to Help People Do Amazing Things