BrainCo is named one of the 10 Coolest New Products at CES 2019 by MUO

9. BrainCo FitFocus

The 10 Coolest New Products at CES 2019 brainco headband ces2019 collection

Focus can be hard to achieve, and there have been many products over the years promising to get you in the zone. The latest innovation comes from BrainCo. The company was at CES, showcasing their newest product, the FocusFit; an EEG headband designed to determine your level of focus.

The headband sits over the top of your forehead and behind your ears, a bit like a pair of glasses but higher up. The rear of the left-side has sensors to measure your brain activity, and an algorithm turns that into a measure of focus. BrainCo pictures you using the headband pre-workout to improve your concentration.

The headband connects to the FocusFit app, and once you achieve the desired level of focus, a video will begin to play. You can then start a workout from the optimal level of attention. Post-workout put the band back on, and you’ll be guided through a meditation to close out your session.

Contributed by James Frew.

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