USA Weightlifting Partners with BrainCo for Optimal Mental Toughness

APRIL 19, 2019, 11:22 A.M. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, CO) April 18, 2019 — USA Weightlifting is excited to announce a new sponsorship from BrainCo, an industry pioneer in real time brainwave feedback and visualization technology. Realizing that mental preparation is essential for getting the most out of training, USA Weightlifting is excited to provide its athletes and members BrainCo’s FocusFit technology.  

With the FocusFit platform, athletes train their mind to achieve the highest level of focus through brain-controlled exercises that optimize performance and maximize post-workout recovery through neurofeedback paired with guided meditation. Whether a fitness enthusiast or an elite-level athlete, FocusFit will help get the most out of workouts and recover faster.

“FocusFit has been an incredible tool to my training protocols, helping me unlock many new ways to quiet my mind and set focus on the task at hand,”said Jessica Lucero, a 4x USA Weightlifting National Champion, 58kg American Record Holder, 3x World Team Member and 3x Pan Am Team Member. “I am naturally a very self-reflective person and have tried many meditative techniques, but the live feedback that you get when using the FocusFit band is something that I have never seen before and am using to help me make more lifts.”

Members of the 2019 Pan American Championships team had the opportunity to use FocusFit technology Friday while attending training camp in Houston ahead of the competition.

“We’re excited about the customization BrainCo offers, knowing that each athlete has unique mental preparation needs during training and especially ahead of qualifiers for the Olympic games such as next week’s Pan American Championships,”  said USA Weightlifting’s Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education, Mike Gattone.
Check out BrainCo at their website and follow Team USA at the Pan American Championships LIVE STREAM (if available).

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