A Fit Brain Complements a Fit Body

Jessica & Christian Lucero

FocusCalm helps world-class athletes reach peak performance

Over the past few months, BrainCo has been working closely with US Olympic Weightlifter Jessica Lucero and her husband, Christian Lucero, a Cross-Fit Games regional competitor and top 20 finisher in the Fittest Man Alive competition. 

It’s clear that both have put in countless hours in the gym to train their bodies to perform at very high levels. But what may be less obvious to the rest of us non-elite athletes is how much time and energy the pair spends on training their minds. 

And that’s what FocusCalm helps them do. 

Using their Focus1 wearable brain activity monitors alongside exercises and activities they complete within the FocusFit app, these incredible athletes have found a new way to gain an edge in competition…and in life.

Ready, Set, Go.

Sports like CrossFit and competitive weightlifting have very different demands. But both activities require the ability to be ready to perform at a moment’s notice. For Jessica, it’s about managing the widely varying times between attempts at a lift. And Christian needs to be ready to compete in 3 to 4 events at different times over the course of a 3 or 4 day competition.

To succeed under these uncertain conditions, both Jessica and Christian need to be ready to go whenever they’re called. Which is why these athletes take FocusFit with them to competitions to help them find and enhance a mindset of calm, focused attention. 

Building Mental Toughness

The pressure of competing at an elite level is immense. Crowds of spectators, coaches and other competitors and especially, the weight of personal expectations, causes more than a few athletes to crumble.

Success starts with being able to be focus, intentional but relaxed. But what separates any performer from the rest is being able to push through pain and overcome distractions. FocusFit’s system one of the keys for the Luceros. But the benefits of the mental focus training go beyond the sports stage.

Winning At Life

Jessica and Christian have discovered that mental training isn’t for sports alone.  For Jessica, FocusFit has helped her feel more present in everything she does. It has helped teach and build habit forming routines to not only reach their goals mentally but to have a higher quality of life through meditation and awareness.

Enhancing those neuro pathways has also been a bonus for Christian. Staying calm in traffic, unwinding at home after a long day, making clear-headed business decisions or simply being able to focus and have clarity about the things that are important have been awesome side-effects of the FocusFit program.

Words To Live By

As Jessica gets ready to compete the US Team in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and Christian works towards more wins and awards in his CrossFit career, both have a simple reminder for anyone with a big, audacious long-term goal: Enjoy the process!

We, at BrainCo, couldn’t agree more. Being part of the journey for these two amazing athletes is something we’re proud of and hope our partnership continues to deliver results for years to come.

Be sure to check out the full article about this accomplished husband and wife team and their success with BrainCo’s products.

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