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Creating an Effective STEM Program in Your School

STEM education has exploded onto the international education scene over the past few decades. Growing job opportunities and stories of high tech organizations and personas taking the world by storm have ignited a firestorm of interest in this field and … Read More

Girls in STEM: Biomedical Engineering

Writing this in 2020, it is widely known in the education field that there is a stark imbalance between the number of women and men active in STEM fields. Although women make up 47% of the overall US workforce, only … Read More

STEM Competitions with Biomedical Engineering

There is no better way to experience engineering than to try testing your own solution to a Biomedical Engineering issue yourself! This field provides vast opportunities to form a team of your fellow students and submit your creation to a … Read More

Entering the World of Biomedical Engineering

For any current high school or middle school students out there having seen one of the Iron Man movies or a Boston Robotics technology video, it’s not hard to become enamoured with building a next generation exoskeleton or companion robot. … Read More