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  • BrainCo Dexus Prosthetic Hand

    BrainCo Dexus helps amputees do more than they ever thought possible and improve the quality of their lives.

More advanced, more capable and more affordable.

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A Better Experience for Users

Easy to wear prosthetic hand

Easy to Wear and Use

Lightweight (5 lbs/2.3 kg) and comfortable, Dexus requires no surgical interventions or implants. 6 advanced sensors placed inside the prosthesis contact the skin at the limb to read and understand the user's intent.

Natural movement robotic prosthetic hand

Full, Natural Dexterity

A fully-opposable thumb combined with three robotic joints on each finger enable natural, finely controlled movements for picking up objects and making complex gestures.

Train using simple software for unlimited gestures

Fast, Accurate Training

Train a new gesture in just 10-15 minutes. Powerful AI algorithms process electrical signals delivered by muscles at the end of the remaining limb and interpret them to perform the desired movement.

BrainCo Dexus Prosthetic Hand unlimited gestures

Unlimited Gestures

Unlike some prosthetics with limited, pre-created gestures, Dexus can be trained to perform an unlimited number of movements. If you can imagine it, the prosthetic can do it.

Amputee Priority List

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For Prosthetists

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