Software Developer Kit
    Simple Neuroscience Integrations for Product Enhancement and R&D

Integrate EEG Technology

Focus SDK enables organizations to integrate real-time, wireless brain measurements into any of their projects or products via our durable, easy to use EEG headband. The Focus SDK includes our proprietary engagement and relaxation models, access to the real-time, raw EEG signal, and all the features required to seamlessly integrate our technology with your projects.

With Focus, our services include data analysis services for any project including academic research, product development and testing, medical science, education services, or personnel training and instruction services.

Metric-Based Neuro-Optimization

Our partners have neuro-optimized their products using our SDK and integrated neuroscience metrics in order to refine their content and user experiences. With these metrics, they’ve been able to create more engaging and effective delivery of their products and content. They have created personalized learning outcomes by adapting their individual user platforms real-time based on high- and low-engagement patterns.  They have also integrated neurofeedback training to help people build their  ability to focus and enter states of relaxation proactively.

Somos product shot


  • Administer and monitor hundreds of headbands simultaneously in real-time
  • Access to raw EEG real-time
  • Evaluate engagement level (0-100) real-time
  • Evaluate relaxation level (0-100) real-time
  • Access to SDK core updates*
  • Unlimited API calls*
  • Integration support available*

* Subject to specific agreements

Focus for students

“We used BrainCo’s FocusSDK package to integrate their engagement tracking and neurofeedback training with our existing platform. The real-time engagement levels provided by the Focus1 headband used by our students enables us to intelligently personalize each students’ Progrentis work path for the optimal acquisition of 21st-century critical skills, in addition to building the ability to focus and relax more effectively.”

Emilio Torres

Pedagogical Director at Advanced Intelligence Corp for America and Europe

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