Improve your brain fitness for competitive sports

Improve Your Brain Fitness, Improve Your Performance

BrainCo's FocusCalm helps train your brain to get into a relaxed and focused state so you can achieve peak performance.

Discover a new and effective way to improve your athletic performance without drugs or supplements.

FocusCalm was developed by neuroscientists with input from sports psychologists, trainers and physical therapists to help elite athletes achieve the ideal mental state for competition. Using proven neuroscience techniques, our system enhances your ability to focus, block out distractions, reduce anxiety and nerves and even improve recovery. It takes just a few minutes a day and you’ll see results in only 21 days!

Olympic Weightlifters train with BrainCo

Focus Using Proven Neuroscience Methods

The FocusCalm app for iPhone® or Android® is filled with motivational content, engaging mental exercises and powerful games that help enhance your abilities to focus and relax when you need it most.

Focus Headband helps you learn to focus

A Wearable To Track Brainwaves in Real Time

FocusCalm uses the Focus1 headband, our unique wearable that measures your brain activity in real time. Our advanced AI algorithms accurately quantify your mental state so you learn how to achieve your optimal focus levels.

A Powerful Addition to Your Training Program

FocusCalm is used by US Olympic Weightlifter Jessica Lucero to help get her mind and body ready for the demands of her sport.

Real-World Results

See how Jessica & Christian Lucero are using FocusFit to enhance their performance and improve their lives.