Learn To Focus...Now!

BrainCo's FocusNow helps train your brain to focus at school, at work and in life.

Discover a new and effective way to improve your focus and attention without drugs or supplements.

FocusNow was developed to help students and adults learn to focus so they can get more done with less stress. Using proven neuroscience techniques, our system trains your brain to be more productive and effective even when distractions are all around you. It takes just a few minutes a day and you’ll see results in only 21 days!

Attention training exercises and games

Focus Using Proven Neuroscience

The FocusNow app for iPhone® or Android® is filled with engaging games and exercises that help build your abilities for focus and relaxation. A recent study by MIT Media Lab shows that learning these skills can improve retention and scores.

Focus Headband helps you learn to focus

Track Attention With Our Wearable Headset

FocusNow comes with Focus1, our unique brainwave reading headset that measures your brain activity in real time. Our advanced AI algorithms accurately quantify your mental state so you learn how to achieve your optimal focus levels.

Train your brain to focus in class or at work

Focus Training for Students and Adults

Everyday, you need different types of focus to get things done. FocusNow helps improve your attention and focus throughout your day so you can be your most productive and effective in the classroom or in the office.

FocusNow in the News

See how FocusNow is making everyone pay attention to the benefits of focus training!