The NeuroMaker Challenge

What is the NeuroMaker Challenge?

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition in which middle school and high school students choose a socially conscious engineering problem they would like to solve and present a prototype on how they would solve it. Students research their problem, design a solution, create a physical prototype incorporating the BrainCo NeuroMaker Kit and then submit their solution virtually for BrainCo engineers to review based on a judging rubric.

BrainCo engineers select six finalists, three from middle school submissions and three from high school submissions. Each group of first, second and third place finalists respectively receive $1,500, $500 and $250 and recognition from BrainCo’s prosthetic engineering team. Five additional awards will be presented to teams that recognize important engineering and personal growth traits such as empathy, creativity and perseverance. 

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is free for any student team that has purchased a NeuroMaker STEM kit from an approved sales channel.


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How it Works

Gather a Group

Students participating in the Neuromaker creative challenge form a project group consisting of two to four students with an adult mentor, typically a teacher or guardian

Research Ideas

The group researches an issue such as helping amputees. They brainstorm ideas for how they can help with communication, eating or drinking or simply offering a handshake with a prosthetic hand

Assemble Your Project

The project group then uses the Brainco STEM Kit to build a hands on prototype of their solution to this issue

Submit Your Prototype

The project group finally arranges their research and thought process into a scientific proposal essay and records a simple video of their prototype solution which is then submitted to the Neuromaker review board for analysis.

Judging and Review by Experts
The Neuromaker review board consists of a team of experts in prosthetics, mechanical engineering, computer science, brain machine interfaces, education and entrepreneurship. This panel have brought award winning medical and technology devices into the market that confront real global challenges. Supported by the Harvard Innovation Lab incubated Brainco company, these experts bring together top minds from Harvard, MIT and other globally renowned educational institutions.
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The Neuromaker Creative Challenge is open to all who wish to participate, whether you are a group of hobbyists or class of students. We particularly recommend this for the following groups:

Afterschool Activity Groups

Bring an open-ended creative capstone project into the classroom with real world connections to top institutions.

Middle School and High School CTE classes​

Bring an open-ended creative capstone project into the classroom with real world connections to top institutions.​

At Home Projects

Bring an open-ended creative capstone project into the classroom with real world connections to top institutions.

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