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BrainCo brings cutting-edge EEG science, engineering, and algorithm development to address real-world challenges

BrainRobotics Hand

BrainRobotics is building products that will make a true and lasting difference for millions of people around the world. Based on research that began in 2015 in the Harvard Innovations Lab, the BrainRobotics prosthetic hand leverages advanced BMI (brain/machine interfaces) technology to deliver more capability, usability, and affordability than any prosthetic available today. Learn More

Natural movement robotic prosthetic hand
Hands on STEM exercises

NeuroMaker STEM Kit

A complete STEM-based activity and robotic hand that teaches students concepts including programming, biomechanics, AI, engineering and more. Learn More


Brain-training exercises to achieve your optimal stress-free mental state. FocusCalm is used by Jessica Lucero, 4x U.S. national champion and U.S. record holder in Olympic weightlifting. Learn More

Focus SDK

Developer Kit
Bring engagement metrics, neuroscience, and EEG technology to your products and services with our easy-to-integrate SDK. Learn More