Most frequent questions and answers

Open your FocusNow! App on your phone or mobile device. 

If you have already created an account, type in your credentials and press “Log in”! 

If you have not created an account you can click “Sign Up,” and you will then be prompted to a page to fill out your email address, verify, and then create a password. 

You can also choose to Login via your Facebook or Google account. If you choose to do this, click on the corresponding Login method and you will be prompted to sign in via this alternative method. (This may be the easiest and most efficient way for you to create an account!)

Upon logging in, a notification,“Please make sure your headband was connected,” will now appear. Please then click, “Connect.”

Turn on:  To turn on the headband, press and hold the power button for two seconds, until all five of the lights have turned on. 

Turn off: You can use this same process to turn the headband off. Press and hold the power button for two seconds. 

Fit and Calibration: Place the Focus1 on your head and adjust the headband to ensure the proper fit and correct electrode placement. You can adjust the headband’s size by extending the arms of the headband to correctly fit your head.

Notice: Ensure there is no hair between the electrodes and your skin. 

If your headband is on and ready to be connected, you will see it appear under the “Available headband” title. If the headband corresponding with the last four digits of your headband’s serial number appears, click on that available headband to connect. Your headband will then appear, along with its battery level. 

If you do not see your headband appear on this screen, click “Click to add a headband” at the top and center of the page. 

From here, you will see an instructional video guiding you through the process of turning on and setting up your headband. 

Follow the instructions and click “Next” until you have completed all steps. 

You will then be prompted to enter the last four digits of your headband’s serial number. The last for digits can be found on the left-side sliding rail of your headband. Please proceed to type in these four digits and then click “OK.”

Please make sure to connect to the appropriate WiFi signal and click “Join” on any pop ups that may appear. 

If all instructions are followed appropriately, your headband should now be connected and you can now proceed to begin your training session!

Our sessions are designed to be used for 30 minutes at a time. You may use it for multiple sessions per day.

Glows solid blue: Soft Attention

Glows solid yellow: Mindful

Glows solid red: Focused

Firstly, please make sure power is at least 20% of the maximum charge. Once all LED indicator lights glow solid white light, your Focus1 is at maximum charge. 

Secondly, please wipe the electrodes with the sterile saline wipe weekly and change the electrode every 6 months. 

Thirdly, ensure there is no hair between the electrodes and your skin. Make sure electrodes are securely touching your skin.

Ultimately, this varies with each individual user.

Neurofeedback is also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy. It makes use of the brain’s capacity for change to reshape brain networks. Neurofeedback training can be used to sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, enhance mood, and improve learning and behavioral control. Although the technology is complex, the process is simple, painless, and noninvasive. You will learn to alter your brain activity in the same way you learn every other skill. You learn through feedback and practice. With neurofeedback, you get instantaneous information or feedback about changes in your brain’s electrical activity. Every half second, your brain activity is compared to your target or goal for change.

To charge your Focus1 headband, plug the charging cable into a USB compatible power adapter.  The LED indicator lights will progressively illuminate on your Focus1 as it charges. Each light represents 20% of the maximum charge. Once all five lights glow solid white light, your Focus1 will be fully charged.

There is no limit for the amount of users that can use one Focus1 headband. Each user just needs to set up an individual FocusNow account on their mobile device or tablet. 

If you are using one mobile device or tablet, you just need to sign into/out of your FocusNow account to switch users. To sign out of the app, click on the “Settings” tab and scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen then click on “Sign Out”.

It’s important for each person to have their own account. If one singular account was used by multiple people, it would cause the brain data to be inaccurate and skew each person’s results.

Firstly, please reset the headband by pressing the Power Button for 15 seconds. 

Secondly, please make sure to wipe your electrodes with the included sterile saline wipe weekly to keep the electrodes clean and extend their lifetime. 

Thirdly, please make sure to replace the hydrogel electrodes when necessary to ensure signal quality. The recommended time is 6 months. 

Lastly, if none of these methods work, please contact our support team via They will help you to troubleshoot your device and help you find a solution. 

In your email to, please include the following information:  

  1. Your order number
  2. The first and last name used when the order was placed
  3. Your reason for support

The Focus1 headband is not dangerous, it uses passive sensors to detect brainwave activity. The Focus1 headband has has a small battery in it and uses a weak WiFi signal to transfer data to your phone. The headband emits less radiation than your cell phone and is fully FCC approved for use. 

No, we cannot read your mind! The Focus1 headband simply measures your brain’s  electrical activity. We analyze this activity to determine how focused or relaxed you are. The Focus1 headband uses only passive sensors to measure your brain’s activity and the Focus1 headband has full FCC approval. 

No, the electrical activity your brain emits is not similar to a fingerprint. The electrical activity your brain creates does not provide any information in regards to individual identification. Ultimately,  we cannot identify individuals based on their brainwaves. 

No, we cannot identify medical issues or diagnose any medical conditions.

The Focus1 headband measures the cognitive activity in the brain. We only measure the electrical signals that your brain creates and we analyze that activity through algorithms that we created.